what to

The treatment session – what to expect

A written case history is taken to clarify reasons for your visit and to identify previous history that may be influential.

The session typically lasts about an hour and takes place with the client fully clothed.  For most sessions the client lies on their back, face up on the treatment couch and the therapist makes contact at various points of the body.

Often initial contact will be made at the feet, followed by work wherever restrictions are present in the body and at the head (cranium) and at the base of the spine (sacrum) where the cerebro spinal fluid within the central nervous system is most accessible.

Individual responses vary widely depending on the individual and the nature and duration of the problems being worked with.  Typical in-session responses include muscle twitching and releases, changes to breathing patterns, transitory discomfort at areas within the body where changes are taking place, pins and needles, numbness, emotional releases and a profound sense of relaxation.

After the treatment – what to expect

Individual experiences are unique but it is common to experience a lasting sense of relaxation.

Depending on the problems being dealt with, clients often report feeling energised with the ability to think more clearly – this follows the release of the issues held within the body.

Some people will experience an exacerbation of their symptoms for a few days while the body readjusts.

Changes continue to take place over several days following the treatment, sometimes changes will be noted after more than a week.

To make the most of your treatment it is important to continue to support your body with sufficient fluids and appropriate rest for several days following your session.