HJ – deep vein thrombosis

In 1979 a horse kicked me in the side of my knee, bringing on deep vein thrombosis. From then on, I was treated with compression stockings.

Ten years later an ulcer started on the inside of my leg. Since then I have had a series of ulcers, each of which has taken as long as two years to heal.

The hospital tested the circulation and stated that it was “incompetent from the foot to the thigh”, and consequently a graft would not take and nor could a stent be fitted.

During my first craniosacral therapy I felt a new, strong pulsing from the ankle to above the knee. Six months later the ulcer was much improved.

After a second craniosacral treatment, when the practice sister subsequently changed the dressings, she noticed a new vein showing on the outside of the leg. She has been impressed at the speed of the healing in this time.

GM – knee problem

I visited Karen for treatment on my left knee. I had fallen off a horse on to the road in my early twenties. I had pain with it most days, especially after exercise or if I had had a long day at work. When I was 33 I went to Karen to see if she could help.

During the treatment I felt the sensation of a bubble moving in my knee and some warmth. I am now 35 and since that day I have never had pain in my knee again. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

GT – various sports injuries

Being a lifelong sceptic and not confessing to understand how CST works I can nonetheless categorically confirm its remarkable healing properties as the treatment has worked for me on numerous occasions.

Karen has treated various physical ailments of mine over the years – from acute neck pain; hamstring and groin problems; knee; tennis elbow and latterly pulling a muscle in my glutes. All sports-related injuries, on every occasion I have felt immediately ‘easier’ after the treatment and my recovery period back to full health has been remarkably accelerated by as little as 3, 2 or even one session with Karen which I know would have taken months if left to my body’s natural recovery capability. I am a complete convert to the magic of craniosacral therapy’.

VS – various

Karen and CST have helped me enormously. I first went to see her over a year ago when I was on antibiotics recovering from pleurisy and her treatments really helped put me back together.

Having sustained multiple injuries in a serious car accident years ago, I like the fact that craniosacral treatments take the whole of my body into account and gently support it to recover. More recently she has been treating me for an injury to my back, and I highly recommend her.

Back pain

I’ve been meaning to text you for ages to say thank you so much for the appointment I had with you back in march. It was wonderful and I had a definite shift in my body immediately after. It absolutely kickstarted my back into finally beginning healing- I had an instant relief in symptoms and it’s just continued to heal since then. I’m pretty much symptom free now and back to doing all the normal stuff I was doing before – which is such a great feeling after 6 months of pain.  Thank you xx I’d absolutely recommend cranio xx

RH – various aches and pains

In the past four years, I have had craniosacral therapy for various aches and pains and pulled muscles.

I have had a sore, stiff neck resulting in dizziness on moving my head. I have dry eye syndrome and, recently, ear-ache plus a sore eustachion tube. All responded to the therapy.

There is a lessening of tension in my body and fewer instances of IBS after craniosacral treatment.

I would recommend this gentle, non-invasive therapy to anyone with a health problem.

LT – sports injuries and stress management

The minute Karen’s hands touch my feet I start to relax.  My regular cranial sessions keep me on track; I’m more able to cope with a busy and stressful life, any minor ailments, aches and pains are quickly dealt with and I’ve stopped feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities.  I’ve no idea why or how it works and it’s ceased to be important as the results are self evident. A recent scan revealed a hernia. Two weeks later the consultant was adamant I had no hernia. I had 2 sessions with Karen in the fortnight in between, so my only conclusion is that Karen supported my body to heal itself.

I have every faith in Karen’s abilities.  She is a calm, kind and sympathetic listener and I find it very easy to relax and let Karen practice her undoubted skills.

RM – managing stress

CST has been very useful in helping to manage times when I have felt stressed and anxious.  The sessions help to ground me, they release physical and emotional tension, settle my nerves, restore my energy and enable me to think clearly and carry on happily with all I have to do in my life.

IM – sciatica and cancer support

I first met Karen in Autumn 2015 at our Sunday morning jogging club. I was unable to run because of a recurring attack of sciatica pain down my right leg. I had been trying various Chiropractors and Physiotherapists over the past year without much success.  Karen told me that she practised CST and offered to help me. I had never heard of CST but was willing to give anything a shot to relieve my pain. Karen knew exactly the areas to focus on. After a couple of sessions the sciatica had gone and has never come back.

In January 2016 I was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. The prognosis was 6 months unless I took Chemo which of course I did.  The Chemo was brutal but I came through it largely, I believe, because of the continuation of the CST which is now part of my weekly healing process. I believe it is helping to prolong my life!

I highly recommend Karen for all anatomical problems as well as those of the mind and spirit too.