What is craniosacral therapy?

To understand craniosacral therapy (also referred to as cranio or CST), it is important to remember that the human body is a self-healing, self-repairing system constantly striving to maintain balance and health.

Health problems can arise, however, after something happens that is too sudden or too intense for the body to cope with or when minor problems accumulate.

This can be marked physical injury, illness, emotional or psychological stresses, trauma, birth trauma, toxicity or alternatively, following the prolonged existence of minor issues.  If the body fails to get over an experience, patterns of symptoms occur and in the longterm health issues can arise.

Craniosacral therapists have a highly developed sense of touch that helps them to feel and read what is going on in the body through the existence of the subtle movement pattern of craniosacral motion.

Craniosacral motion was first identified by the early osteopaths – it is the subtle movement of our bones, tissues and fluids in line with the movement of our cerebro spinal fluid in our central nervous system.

It is the sensing, evaluation and treatment of this motion pattern to restore natural expression that is craniosacral therapy – the process encourages the innate healing and recovery response as the body drops from the stress response into the resting state and begins to work through and integrate previous experience.